2006 Marguet Grand Cru Champagne

2006 Marguet Grand Cru Champagne

Sourced from 100% Grand Cru grapes, this vintage Champagne from a smaller producer really delivers! And at a fraction of the price of cuvées from more famous houses. The colour is rich golden yellow, with very fine bubbles as the froth quickly dissipates, releasing initial aromas of toast & honey, followed by complex yeast & biscuity characters with layers of subtle mellow flavours running the gamut from butterscotch to hints of ripe fruit & of course more honey & toast, followed by a very long aftertaste of lingering toasty biscuit. A bargain at under AUD$70 (http://www.nicks.com.au/Product/View/2006-Marguet-Grand-Cru-Champagne/487835)

I have to note that, despite its young age, I think it has already peaked & should be drunk before 2015.

Perfect on its own, it would also be great with oysters, truffled bruschetta or an old-fashioned roast chicken or turkey.


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